Top 5 Xero Tips

We here at Wyrd Accounting have expertise in a variety of accounting systems from basic desktop and cloud packages, right up to complex ERP's. Xero is an extremely popular cloud based accounting package suitable for small to medium sized businesses.

For those that have chosen to use this product for their accounting needs, below are our top 5 tips to help you get around Xero as quickly and as easily as possible:

1. Speed up your login: To speed up logging into Xero by only having to enter a password, replace the upper case characters with your Xero login address, then save as a browser or desktop bookmark.

2. View multiple pages: Use tabs within your browser window to have different sections open. This is great when using the search function while not moving away from what you are working on.

3. View multiple organisations: If you need to view multiple Xero organisations at the same time, open each organisation in a different browser. For example, log in to your first organisation in Chrome and your second organisation in Safari. If you don't use separate browsers, your changes may be saved in the wrong organisation. Different browsers ensures that each organisation has its own separate data session.

4. Repeating invoices: If you have regular bills to pay, or send regular invoices to customers there is a function to automate this which is a great time saver.

5. Favourite reports: Xero has many useful reports available. What you may not realise though is that by clicking on the star next to the report name will add it to your favourites. Anywhere in Xero you will then be able to click on the reports menu and it will now appear for quick and easy access.

If you want to learn more do not hesitate to contact us!